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Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by mtommer, Jun 1, 2009.

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    Jun 18, 2008
    I posted before but I figured a video would help with visualization and hopefully some good tips. Yes, I could, and have, looked at FYBalls and other sites but a lot of my problem is that the form you see in the video is what feels completely natural to me. When I try to correct to proper form I lose all sense of timing with the ball and I'm lucky to even hit the ball squarely much less in the court.

    Skip to 1:22. For whatever reason Movie Maker was being a pain so I had to add some footage to get the video to actually save.

    There are 3 views: Rear, side and front starting at 1:22, 2:47 and 4:13. I even managed to kill a tennis ball at 6:39. That was fun.

    Immediate things I know I do....
    - rear foot: Too far up and out. If I keep to the traditional forms (platform or pinpoint) I feel off balance.

    - toss: In the video it looks too far away from me (especially in the front view) and this is most likely causing me to step so far with my rear foot. When I try to toss the ball in closer to me I feel like I can't put anything on it. I feel "jammed" up.

    - landing: Again, probably because of my rear foot issues, I tend to land with my weight falling away from the ball path instead of in towards it like I should.

    - Overall motion: Using VLC Media Player I've slowed down the video and my motion actually looks alright - nice landing, passable follow through (not enough racquet drop though) - just not in-line with the ball path.

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