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Heres a video of my current serve, it seems like its constantly changing (for the better...hopefully). I know there are some basic things i need to work on like my toss, smoothness, etc. But the one thing ive been told is that i open up my racket face on the take back. Im trying to fix this but I was just wondering what you guys think.

Any constructive criticism is welcome.


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Serve Analysis

- Practice getting yourself SET (motionless) for two seconds before you start the toss and backswing.

- At trophy position you should bend your right elbow a full 90 degrees, which will help you hit up on the ball. It IS bending a full 90 at the racquet-drop position, but by then it's too late in the process.

- Your shoulders are already over your left foot before your racquet is back, and so there is nothing available as far as upper-body thrust to move up into the ball. There is in fact a little bit of falling forward into the court.

- Keep you shoulders back over your left foot at trophy position as you hips arch forward and keep your left arm/shoulder up longer. Right now you're hitting mostly down into the court instead of up

- I also think it might be helpful if you were more conscious of what's happening at the beginning of your toss. It never really gets steady, it goes down and then up and your tossing arm rotates from the palm facing back to the palm facing forward. You might find more consistency in the toss if it started from a stationary position by your left thigh (with your palm facing out) and was one-directional . . . . up only.



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^ Great observations from MG.

Yes, the palm is facing up (as is the racket face) as the racket head starts to drop behind your back. Try to get to a better trophy as MG suggested and have the palm of your hand face the back of your head as your start to drop the racket head (so that the thumb-side racket edge leads on the way down).