Serve Hip Shoulder Separation & Tilt by Gabe Jaramillo


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Coaches have told me there is only a 1-2 degree of racquet tilt difference between wide and T serves, so I do not think serve location affects the stance.
Which tilt direction are they talking about? Vertical or horizontal? I'm sure I hit my wide serves and T serves with more angle than 2 degrees between them.

Just saw the later post where the numbers were a little more generous. 5-10 sounds reasonable to me as well.
I've been to sandpiper bay club med. It's great if you have kids and like tennis. It's not your couples get-away because there are kids everywhere but the club med staff is good and they have some decent juniors there. I only saw Gab once there but Rafa (I don't know if he's still there) is a good director. Caters to all levels.

Funny story, 1st time I was here I went to the free morning lesson to see the what it was about. So after the warm up, they wanted to split the group (20 people) into 2 groups. The sad thing, despite how terrible most of them were, only a few volunteered to the lower lvl group (around 4). I said f' it and went down to ct1 with these lovely old ladies. I had a great time, honestly you couldn't ask for a better opportunity to work on your control hitting and live-feeding (which any coach worth their salt knows how to do). Rafa came up to after and asked me what school I played for. I told him that was 25 years ago. He then laughed and then told me no ones pulls out that racket without knowing how to use it (Prestige Classic 600). He later arranged for me to hit with some 5.0s. Good place, nice guys.