serve = shoulder and bicept pain


So my serve is very affective, I keep my arm really straight, through the ball out in front, and when I hit the flat serve I come into the court as im hitting, snapping hard on the ball. This serve has improved my power, and above all placement 10 fold, i hit the T and lines out wide much more consistantly, but it leaves my arm feeling like jelly and really hurt. It hurts above the elbow, between the biscept and tricept, some times my shoulder. Anyone know how I can adjust my serve to lessen some of this pain?

James Brown

for the bicep, i think my pain is relatively similar, ive tried doing less pronation and its helping it out a bit, that and less snap on slice/kicks, i dont kno about you, but i snap like crazy on my slice serves (i try to hit extreme slices). as for the shoulder, i thankfully got over my shoulder problems. Take a break, do some stretching, keep your posture straight (most important, i slouched SO BADLY) and try a few exercises ith light weights so it doesnt happen again.

Good luck man, keep the faith


hmmm ok - do you think going a few weeks without serving in practices, juts matches icing and maybe lifting will help enough to get the pain down?

this worked for me for a few weeks, then it got back to normal and started to hurt - some times it hurts so bad i cant pick up a racquet - i think its the snap, but i cant figured out another way to add power and spin to my serves


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YEMntFtb, I was having some problems with my shoulder and back caused by my service motion. The pro at my club looked at my swing and noticed that I before I started my motion I was really tense. I always started my motion with the racket head up and this caused tension in my forearm. He suggested letting the racket head drop which relieves this tension. It helped and I no longer have that pain during my service motion.