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Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by thebuffman, Sep 2, 2010.

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    Sep 24, 2008
    Watching the US Open to learn strategy is a very eye opening experience. I notice that some of these players will vary where they stand when executing a serve. What are they after? Anyone know? Usually when I serve it is typically within a foot from the T. Some of these guys will move around a lot and I mean like sometimes standing 3-5 feet from the T when serving. What is the strategy here? I am thinking that it allows them to go out wide while passing over a lower part of the net, but this is just an uneducated assumption. Also, the further from the T you move, doesn't this kill the ability for the down the line bomb? (if so) Why surrender that weapon/option?
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    Different looks.
    If what you're doing works, don't change it.
    If they're returning bombs, by all means change it.
    You can favor your next shot, by cheating that side.
    You can cover your weaker shot, by cheating that side.
    But you never can be predictable, as you would lose quickly.
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    There are many reasons why people would want to change their serving position:
    - Like you've said, it could be to pass over the lower part of the net.
    - It could be to get more angle to serve out wide.
    - It could simply be to mess with the opponent's head, since standing further from the T looks like you're aiming to serve wide.
    - Positioning yourself in the corner will also subconsciously make your opponent position himself wide or may make him lean outside of the court.
    - Doing whatever you have to do so that your opponent's mind will think of something else besides just returning your serve is simply a great strategy.

    If you don't believe me, try changing up your service positions when you play against recreational players. Even try standing at weird spots when you return serves; it will noticeably mess up your opponents.

    The only problem with doing all of this is that YOU have to get used to all the changes as well. By slightly changing your position, your service motion and timing will have to change accordingly as well, which is why many players wont bother with changing their service position.

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