session for fed rafa match


hi guys, i'm on the east coast and the possibility of a roger rafa qf is extremely tempting. Which sessin would it be? my guess is the Sept 4th (wednesday) night session. Does that seem right to people? how sure are you in your guess and why? my reasoning is that the men's qf's are supposed to be on the 4th and the 5th, but since rafa and roger are on this side of the draw i think that means they play the earlier day. I'm thinking night session because i think the usta would be nuts to NOT put that match as their marquee night match that day.

agree? disagree? any input helps, i'm looking at a couple tickets right now to buy.


West Coast Ace

This board is filled with hardcore fans - doubt any would give up their tickets.

Stubhub or the other secondary markets are you're best bet. Or the hardworking guys at the Number 7 stop...