Several question about a USTA "T" rating and Self Ratings?

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  1. g4driver

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    Sep 24, 2009
    A friend played USTA league play in both 2005, and 2006, and also played USTA tournaments in 2006.

    If you look at his name, you can see all of the above, yet he has a 2007 "T" or "Tournament Exclusive" Rating. He doesn't remember playing any tournaments in 2007, 2008, 2009, and I can't find USTA matches or Tournaments for him after 2006 within the USTA TennisLink system.

    Three questions:

    1) Is there a way to request what Tournaments were played in 2007 that give him a Dec 31 Year-End 2007 "T" rating from the USTA?

    2) Why don't all USTA Tournaments played show?

    3) The local USTA President told him, if he doesn't play in the 2010 Fall League, he would be eligible to Self-Rate in 2011. Is the local USTA President correct?

    He appealed his rating on-line yesterday, and was denied. If you look at the USTA rules on appeals, the USTA mentions nothing about "T" rated players appealing, yet was able to actually do just that, as the "Appeal Rating" option was available to him.

    From the USTA PDF document from the link above:

    Phase I - Implementation
    Appeal under “FIND A RATING”

    Who Can appeal?
    1) Computer rated players – Up or Down
    2) Mixed Exclusive – Up or Down
    3) Self-rate who wish to move UP only
    4) Administrators can MOVE-UP self-rates who struck out while playing at higher level

    What must be referred/heard by the Section or their designee?
    1) Self-rated who wish to move DOWN
    2) All medical appeals
    3) Already APPEALED ratings
    4) ROSTER CHANGES must be done at the section or designee level when needed

    No Championship Benchmarks may be appealed. Logging on to TennisLink is not necessary as long as the individual appealing knows the USTA number and Zip code of the membership. Individual must put in their USTA # in order to see the “Appeal Rating” option.

    “Appeal Rating” option will be visible ONLY IF the rating can be appealed through “Find A Rating.”
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  2. dizzlmcwizzl

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    Mar 24, 2010
    Well if you are innactive for 5 seasons it is my understanding that you must self rate when you sign up for a new team. It is 3 years if you are a senior +.

    Presumably he could self rate at what ever level he would feel comfortable sand bagging at ... JJ

    It sounds like the 2007 T rating is a typo unless the rating indicates he had a rating for the 2007 season based on his 2006 results.
  3. g4driver

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    Sep 24, 2009
    He regularly beats 3.5 players, yet loses to 4.5 players, hence he is most likely not rated accurately, given a three year break from tennis, from 2007-2009.

    I don't think he's trying to sandbag, just play at an accurate level. If your statement is true, he is going to have to play at 4.5 next year, or wait until 2012 to self-rate. Too long to wait IMO.

    If I were him, I would appeal the rating in writing, and if denied, simply play at the 4.5 level since that is what the USTA computer thinks he is and lets the chips fall were they may. This just makes sense to me. If he gets beat easily, he can write the USTA again, and show them the results of their system. If he gets better, maybe the matches will be more competitive, and he stays at 4.5

    Am I correct that if he plays this fall on a USTA league, none of the fall USTA matches affect your year-end rating? I thought I read this somewhere but can't find a source. Is there any validity to the thought that fall USTA matches don't affect your year-end ratings? So if he lost a bunch of matches 0 & 1 or 0-2 legitimately, would he be bumped down? He will not throw a game or a match. He's fiercely competitive and never gives up. I've never seen a more competitive player who doesn't like to lose, so I think he should simply play at 4.5. He will give it everything, and then he can play at an accurate level once the chips fall.

    I realize anyone other than a "C" or "B", player can get a dynamic DQ during the fall, but I'm not sure about the fall leagues affecting ratings. Any references to this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for the inputs.
  4. Bedrock

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    Aug 16, 2010
    According to USTA the rating (built based on your most recent year-end ranking ) stays active for 3 year, then it drops and anyone can self-rank again. I have e-mailed question to USTA about this subject a couple of months ago.

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