Shapo and mishits!


Watched Shapo yesterday and starting to notice a trend of him just randomly mishitting a lot. You guys think it is just him being late or that he would do better with a bigger frame than his current 95 sq inch frame?


Most players who hit with a lot of topspin stand well behind the baseline and take big cuts to impart spin. Shapo usually takes the ball early with a 95sq inch frame and still tires to impart lots of topspin. He has a great eye, but something has got to give.


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umpire fayces interact strongly with the shapovalov tennis ball field. this is the same elusive interaction that unifies the standard model with the einstein field equations. it manifests as seemingly erratic mishits, but it's just physics. i've been texting sean carroll everyday about the revelation, but he hasn't texted back yet. probably just really busy or something

big ted

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i think different players are going to react differently to all the time off and quarantine.. some players can hit clean without picking up a racquet for two weeks and some players can’t.. probably the most talented players like djokovic will thrive and players like thiem who i assume usually hits tons of practice balls will not (my opinion anyway)


The guy has a huge takeback on both wings and in addition jumps into the air when he hits FHs and 1HBHs - particularly unique for hitting 1HBHs while airborne. It is a risky game that requires more time for racquet prep and it is not surprising that he is prone to mishits and more errors under pressure.

Guys like Djokovic constantly make him hit shots on the run and so, his mistimed shots can be epic shanks.


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He doesn't move up or back much in his footwork like a Djokovic or Federer. He mostly runs horizontal only, and hits balls out of position. Hence, his flashy jumping 1 hand backhand - that's just compensating for not being in position


Just think about players who shank a lot - Shapo, Tsitsipas, Dimitrov and Federer (less after the racquet change, but still a shankerer). All play a high topspin game and take the ball early.

Then there are players like Nadal, Thiem and Wawrinka. Lots of topspin, but aren't constantly pushing forward like the guys above. They shank less.

Another category might be ******** and deMinaur who take the ball early, but with less spin. They both shank a lot less than either category above.

Lastly, you have guys like Medvedev and Simon. Stand back, hit flat. They rarely shank anything.


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Big swings, jumping, body flailing...pretty good recipe for mishits. Bigger racquet is unlikely to help him. When Fed made the switch, did he stop shanking?