Shaq VS Roger Federer

How many games would Shaq win?

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Hall of Fame
If Shaq was given special tennis lessons from a top instructor for 3 months and played a set against Roger Federer, with a special handicap that would allow him to only have to win one point to win a game. How many games would Shaq be able to win against Roger and do you think he would have even the slightest chance of winning the set?


Hall of Fame
^ what he said

if anyone with physical ability could take points of roger with only 3 months of specialized coaching, the pro tour wouldn't be very good now would it.
It would be fun to see Shaq vs Fed on "Shaq vs". Maybe make Fed play lefty, or let Shaq have the doubles alley. At the very least it could be entertaining.
Shaq doesn't seem to have the neuromuscular co ordination for tennis, it seems....
But if he were to actually hit a decent forehand and backhand, that would be very, very scary.

joe sch

Have you ever seen Shaq shoot free throws ???

Even Kobe Bryant after years of tennis instruction would have trouble winning "points" off of Federer !
These guys would just need to develop killer serves to win some points but it would take many years to become a Karlovic ...


Let's see....a professional basketball player who falls vicitm to the "hack a Shaq" strategy because he can't shoot free throws versus the greatest player of his era.....

not a point in 99 sets with 99 years to practice