Sharapova & Dimitrov are an item?


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So during Sharapova's semifinal match they aired a few paparazzi pix of her with Grigor Dimitrov. Apparently they're hot & heavy.

I don't follow the gossip too closely, but I thought she was planning her wedding last year or so to an NBA player [Laker thug].

What happened?

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They've been dating for a few months now.

Basically it goes like this: Serena was "dating" Dimitrov, Sharapova was like all "yeah I hate you, so I'm stealing your boy toy, and now they are dating, and Serena is like "I don't think so [Insert favored word for a loose women]" and have even more of a dislike for each other.


So Azarenka is dating that horrible musician (both from an aesthetic and aural point of view) and Serena is rumored to have something going on with an older coach.

This round of the Top 3 easily goes to Maria, keeping her Baby Fed happy in a spare Porsche.

But ... not so fast ... Venus is making her own sort of comeback in this category because she has a super-hot Latin model, so have to give Venus the edge here in the WTA Battle of the Boy Toys.