Sharapova Most Searched Athlete on Yahoo!

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    seems she does have a few fans.

    Sharapova Most Searched Athlete on Yahoo!

    It was a sensational year for women's tennis in 2005, according to Yahoo's Top Searches of 2005. Three Sony Ericsson WTA Tour stars featured in's Top 10 individual athlete searches, male or female.

    Maria Sharapova (pictured), finished No.1 in the individual category of the Most-Searched list. The Russian teenager, who surprised everyone by capturing the Wimbledon title in 2004, continued to etch her name into the history books in 2005, spending a total of seven weeks as the world's No.1 player, the 15th woman (and first Russian) in Tour history to rank first in the Singles Rankings.

    Another Russian starlet, Anna Kournikova, finished at No.2 on the individual list. Kournikova, who has been on a tennis hiatus for the last few years, is a former Top 10 singles player but excelled particularly in doubles, winning 16 Tour doubles titles and reaching No.1 in the Doubles Rankings.

    The two Russian stars were joined by seven-time Grand Slam singles champion and former world No.1 Serena Williams, who finished No.6. Williams started off 2005 with a bang, capturing the Australian Open title, but struggled the rest of the season with injuries. The 24-year-old American has also been making a name for herself recently with acting roles and with her own clothing design company.

    With the popularity of women's tennis and its individual representatives clearly on the rise, it wouldn't be unlikely to see even more of the Tour's stars among most-searched lists at the end of 2006.
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    She's a piece of crap.

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    acne faced giant, I didn't know the americans like giants.

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