She said she'd never coach; Danielle Lao finds a passion for coaching & running while taking a break from competing on pro tour

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In this episode, Danielle Lao explains how she has taken a step back from competing on the pro tour in 2023, but in doing so, she has found a passion in running and coaching tennis.

As a Hoka athlete, she continues to increase her milage and run with intention whether it is for a race or just to connect socially with athletes. She talks about what she loves about running and how the community differs between the tennis world. She even walks us through the Hoka line of tennis shoes!

She also has found herself coaching up and coming players in tennis -- everyone from college players transitioning to the pro tour to up and coming juniors. Despite saying she would "never" coach, she's doing it and her passion and love for the sport shine through in this discussion!

Happy Hitting!
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mad dog1

Great episode! Thanks for taking the time to interview Danielle and for asking some poignant questions.