I’ve place a couple of orders from so cal via gso overnight that have instead been delivered 2 day ups from GA. I spoke to customer service and they explained some items are not local but at your wherehouse in GA. I get that, however you should figure out a way to let us know it will not be overnight as expected before we actually purchase the item. There are times I need it overnight but I won’t know it won’t be here until I get the shipping notice, usually the next day.

As an example, I purchased some items on Wednesday morning via gso overnight and they would have been here the next day, Thursday, or at worst Friday. Instead, I received a notice on Thursday my items were shipped via ups 2 day, expected on Friday. Then I learned Friday delivery was updated to Monday ( gso delivers on Saturdays, ups does not. So the result is, my overnight order is actually being delivered 5 days later.
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I am so sorry the order took longer than expected. I have passed along your feedback to look into. In the meantime until this is sorted out on our end, if you give our customer service a call after you place your order, they should be able to help you out to avoid that from happening again.

Brittany, TW