Shirts & Warmups for Sun Protection

Chas Tennis

After 40 years of playing regular tennis in short sleeve shirts without sun screen, I now have solar purpura (frequent purple bruises) on my forearms. These bruises take almost nothing to cause them. They last about 4-5 days. The dermatologist identified the skin damage as caused by the sun. (It used to be called senior purpura but they corrected that name.)

My arms also have more wrinkles but if I pull up a short sleeve the upper arm skin just above the sleeve line looks much better. Not much beach time on much of my body and a lot of sun time on the tennis exposed skin has clarified for me what happened.

I want to minimize the use of sun screen.

I have decided to wear long sleeve shirts and have some in cotton and some in thinner fabrics. I have dark colors for the cool winter and light colors for the summer. The cotton light colors are turning out to be too warm in the 80s. The thinner materials all so far are not available in tall + large so my wrist and above are exposed. One player on our courts has a light weight long sleeve sun shirt that has vents, a downward slot across the back, but that shirt is no longer offered for sale.

For warm ups I have black Nike and Addidas and those worked well this winter. For the summer, I am interested in lighter colors that are opaque and especially in venting if any warm up pants are made with venting.

I have a hat with a brim. I look at hats with cloth on the back but have not decided to go for that style. Maybe...?

Note - I have seen clothing advertised as sun screening but when you hold it up and look throught the fabric you can get an image through it. I assume it has too many large openings to block enough of the sun. I won't buy those.


There's plenty of clothing that has built-in UV protection, simply because of the materials used. I think the brands that tend to make such things are sports&outdoors kinds of companies, like Eddie Bauer or North Face or something. I've seen a lot of shirts that have UV protection that are still a light, "athletic" material, that I expect would still be comfortable for warmer temperatures. I've had various coaches that pretty much always wear these sorts of shirts since they spend so much time in the Texas sun.


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I'd look at the Field & Stream brand as well as Columbia for shirts. They seem to make UV rated shirts (long sleeve, lighter colors) that might be more opaque. Also, adidas and Under Armour make quarter zip golf tops that might work on a mild days but may be too heavy for hot humid days.
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Chas Tennis

Try sleeves for your arms. Skins are awesome, cooler than bare skin

I have tried sleeves. They were OK and did not get hot. They seem to require frequent adjustments, they work up or down, etc. . Have 3. The nicest one requires 'wash separately' a very impractical feature.

But I may go back to them if I can't find specific long sleeve shirt.