Shoe return question


Hi TW, I think I know the answer, but wanted to ask anyway...

A little over a month ago my wife ordered me a pair of shoes during one of the Happy Hour sales as a gift. Tried them on the other day and they are too tight. Its not too late to return them, is it? I believe it was the 9/23 Happy Hour sale.

They have not been worn, other than me putting them on & walking around the house for 5-10 minutes.


TW Staff

It's not too late! You can return the shoes, and be sure to use the free return shipping label that was in your box.

For further information on returns, check out this page:

And about the titles - Only moderators and admin can edit those, I think. You should be able to edit the body of a message, though.

Tiffani, TW


Oh, wow...I knew you had a great return policy, but didn't realize it was 365 days to return stuff!

I guess that's why I keep shopping here...