Shoe with Best Durability/Cushion Combo?


I've finally decided to get some quality shoes but I'm looking at cushion and durability the most. I've heard good cushioning from the Asics Resolutions, and good durability from the Barricade 5's, but how are the other parts of the shoes? The current $30 Wilson shoes I wear with Duralast Supreme outsole lasts me about 2-3 months before one shoe starts showing the cushion, and the inner part of the shoe doesn't have enough cushion for me.


yeah i definitely recommend the barricade 5s because besides the durability they are comfortable, very comfortable to me.


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Asics Gel-resolutions have proved about as durable as my B2's that I have worn for years. They cushioning is hands down superior.


Barricades are comfortable as in fit, but cushioning is so-so imo. Knees feel beat up if I get into a 2hr+ intense singles match. Wore K-Swiss Ascendor SLTs before and my knees didn't feel beat up at all even in 3hr+ intense single matches. Barricade IVs have a really thick outsole. Very durable and at the same time very grippy.