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My Son wears now asics gel solution speed, but in the front they are too wide.
They fit oké but iT doesn't look Nice.
Before these shoes hè had nike vapor 9, they were also alittle bit wide.
Would iT meaby be beter too buy womens shoes, are they smaller ?
Or meaby somebody know à beter shoe for small feet.


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Women's shoes are narrower than men's shoes. I think US and UK sizes vary between mens and womens but the EU and CM sizes are not measured differently between men and women.


Don't put your son through the humiliation of wearing women's shoes! Even if his friends don't say anything, they will definitely be laughing in silence (I do that myself whenever I see a guy wearing women's shoes). I have narrow feet too, but I've been able to deal with this problem without wearing women's shoes.

First, he can get a pair of aftermarket insoles and were them over the factory insoles. Between doing that and maybe wearing two pairs of socks, he should be able to wear a greater variety of shoes.

Also, he should try out shoes that are known to be on the narrow side. My feet are narrow and thin enough that Babolat, K-Swiss, and New Balance are out of the question. Nike Vapors are too big also. Here are some shoes I've worn that fit me:

Prince T22 (personal favorite overall shoe, don't try the T24's because they are huge)
Prince Rebel (slightly narrower than T22 but not as much cushioning)
Lotto Raptor Ultra (I tried the III and it was the narrowest tennis shoe I've ever worn, the IV is supposed to be slightly wider but still narrow)
Most Adidas shoes (the Response in particular is narrow).

Hope this helps.
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^It shouldn't be a problem if they take a colour neutral shoe. And why paying extra on the top of the shoe for an after market insole? When I was a teen I used to grab whichever shoe that fitted well and looked not too bad. Of course now I wear men 11.5US so I can no longer wear women shoes, but I would've got over that quickly, and I used to (especially socks). The goal is just not to take a stupidly flashy colour and be done with that.
Comfort and fit have much more value than my ego. I encourage trying women shoes if it fits well.


^ There is no such thing as a neutral colored tennis shoe anymore. I've looked. I may be nearsighted but I can spot the smallest amount of light feminine blue trim a mile away! Please don't give the poor innocent kid a complex!


I would probably pick half of them out as being women's shoes. For the other half, I think you're right. They would go under my radar.
Which ones?

I don't wear designer jeans, flamboyant colors, piercings, and I don't carry a man purse because I don't think there is such a thing. That's just me I guess.
Me neither. But it has little to do with the main issue there, which is comfort and fit. That's why I couldn't care less: it's not about wearing women shoes/clothes, metrosexual looks and what's not. At least for me it isn't; I may not know about the OP. That's how I got my pair of Raptor 4: I swore I wouldn't wear bright yellow shoes. Til' one day I saw them on clearance. I tried about every other shoe in the store first, but none of them fitted "right". Then I got over my stupidity and tried them. I left the shop with them in a heartbeat: the fit was just perfect and the price tag low.
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I have a narrower foot and highly value a snug fit; the Lotto Raptor shoe is outstanding! Excellent stability and comfort, great traction as well.