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    Jun 11, 2009
    I am a long time lurker, first time poster. I am trying to find a shoe that is very durable on the sides since this is what I wear out first in my shoes. Pictures of what I mean are shown below.

    Link to picture is in case it doesn't show up.

    The shoe on the right has a hole through it near the toes and isn't that far from a hole near the ankle up top. The shoe on the left is my current pair which I started wearing around May 11th (1 month ago), and will probably have a hole in it in another half month and I will need to "retire" them in about one month.

    Link to picture is in case it doesn't show up.

    Again, the shoe on the right is the retired one and the shoe on the left is my current pair. I wear through the sole near the edge of it as you can see by the white on the right pair (black on left pair since it isn't worn through yet).

    I know this wear is from sliding to set up my forehand...I drag my right foot. I only wear out the soles of my left shoe, and I wear the toe box of it a little from dragging on my serve.

    These are New Balance 803's. After some searching I have found that Babolat Team All Court III's, Barricade V's and Nike Ballistic 1.3's seem to come up as some of the more durable shoes, but that is sole durability. What shoes are the most durable on the sides? Buying a new pair of shoes every other month is getting expensive.
  2. Ballistecs would do well since they have the drag-on-X.

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