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Hi! My biggest problem has always been short balls.I just cant put them away either i go for the winner and the ball goes out or i go for the approach and i get passed(i dont volley well)What can i do?(apart from learning to volley better obviously).I have tried not to hit that hard and to stay back but i end up playing from no mans land and losing the point.What do you change in terms of teqnique and footwork when you hit short balls?Should i hit from a closed stance and with an eastern grip for example?(I use open stance and semi western grip_two handed backhand-i play on red clay) Thanks!


Practice! Have someone dink the ball to you for an hour and practice putting them away. Do this a few times a week and you'll handle these in no time at all.


i was about to post the same topic.... i am happy with the way i hit short balls, but they go long alot (and i see this from tons of other 4.0 type players).... i am restringing my racquet so i can get more spin into shot, hopefully will help.... and i think i will practice the shot too, as suggested.

when i was a teenager, i used to be able to kill these short balls. here are some explanations as to why i can't seem to do it now.

1) did i play with a completely dead racquet back then? i.e. bad technology, cheap and i never had it strung voluntarily...... are newer racquets much more powerful in general? my sense is yes

2) playing worse players/didn't hit as hard - maybe i didn't hit as hard as i do now. or maybe my opponents are so much better now, whereby they run down balls routinely and i used to think my short ball hits were so good, but maybe they weren't (they sure weren't playing long though)..

3) probably played with really dead balls back then, which i never ever do anymore. it's wierd playing fuzzless balls (no jokes, please!). sort of easy to hammer them with a very low trajectory and have an entire rally like that.

maybe i'll look into a players racquet in time (i play Babolat PD now). but i demo'd federer's new racquet (can't remember the letters) and i could barely get the ball over the net properly. it did make me feel good that it's pretty much the only racquet on that the testers couldn't hit properly either... any suggestions on a mid-plus player's racquet that is somewhat easy to hit. i see nadal plays mid-plus which i think takes away the stigma that a player's racquet has to be so small.


short ball

Keep your eyes on the prize and swing with the same speed but with more wrist and less fist(more spin and less drive)