Short comparison: Volkl DNX 8, Yonex NSRQ 7, Babolat Pure Drive Roddick

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by crosscourt, Apr 2, 2006.

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    Feb 19, 2004
    I have had a chance to hit with each of these three rackets recently and thought that I would offer up some views. It seems from these boards that there is quite a lot of interest in each of these rackets. This isn't really a review because the weather has been so bad for tennis here recently -- cold and windy -- that I haven't been able to play the rackets in comparable playing conditions. I have spent most time with the Yonex, then the Volkl, then the Roddick.

    First, one good point about each.

    The Volkl -- for a light tweener type racket this is amazingly comfortable. I have a tender elbow and tweeners usually kill it. I have played with the Volkl for about ten hours without a hint of discomfort.

    The Roddick -- much more comfortable than the PD. I had to stop using the PD after about 10 mins because it hurt my elbow so much. I can play with this, though notice some heating up in my elbow after the match. A little heavier and with better feel than the PD, but still quick to get around.

    The Yonex -- Of the three, the most like a player's racket in terms of feel and response. I have had some very mild elbow strain with this, but only very mild, and it can be fixed by playing with softer strings.

    Overall view:

    Volkl -- comfort is far and away the best thing about this racket. Other good things are that you can serve, hit the ball with either spin and volley reasonably well without much effort. And it produces great topspin lobs. But it has very little feel. There is power of a sort. I had to put some lead on it to give me any feel at all. I found it difficult to attack or defend much with the Volkl -- most of my shots came out the same. I guess that if your game is about running and running at the baseline, and you play a lot of defence this could be very good for you.

    Roddick -- played fine in stock form. Not that much feel. Like the Volkl it allowed me to do a lot of things without trying too hard. Overall I preferred this to the Volkl for everything but comfort. Better for an all court player than the Volkl.

    The Yonex -- my favourite of the three. I have put some lead on this to help me out with a little more power. My feeling is that stock this racket has too little power for people who want to play with a racket this light. Anyway, this is much more like a player's stick in that it responds to what you put in far more than the other two. Not just in terms of power in and power out, but in terms of the range of shots that I wanted to play. Feel takes a bit of time to get used to and the racket makes a strange "thlack" type sound when you hit the ball. But once you are used to it it repays you superbly.

    The Yonex is an extended length racket. I found no problem with my 1hbh or in volleying. The extra length was ideal when it came to serving.

    These are three quite different rackets. The Volkl and the Roddick are what I think of as tweeners. The Yonex isn't. It's more like a lightweight players racket, maybe in the same sort of category as the Ti Radical.

    If you are looking for something very light and comfortable but with a bit of power, and like to play at the back of the court, the Volkl could be ideal. The Roddick is that bit heavier and has more range than the Volkl -- good from the back of the court, but with all court potential.

    I am going to change to the Yonex.
  2. WayneCM

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    Mar 15, 2006
    i had a similar experience with the PDRoddick, the only thing i found was that my serve seemed to have less margin 4 error i had to hit a lot of top spin serves while adjusting, but otherwise really enjoy playing with it as my primary racquet...

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