Short hair people wearing bandanas?


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how about this:

F*ck what everybody thinks and says, if you like how it feels/works/looks then its all you.

I wore one to keep my hair out of my face and got made fun of for it...still wear it.

Seriously, F everybody, if its what you like, and what you do, do long as its not crack.

You do get judged by others on what you wear, but I played a guy last week that looked like he was just playing between cigarette breaks with old clothes and mangy hair -and he crushed me. Guess my all-Nike matching black ensemble didn't intimidate as it was supposed to. haha


"bandanas" don't have swooshes or 3 stripes.

they usually have paisley or similar type designs and come in many colors.

those things with logos on them are headbands. sorry to ruin your fun, just because you tie it with a knot doesn't make it a bandana.

bandanas have a cool factor that the logo headbands are greatly lacking.

Johnny Mac is bagging what I am mowing.
Wrong. A bandana is a bandana, whether it's paisley or has a logo. But it can be worn like a true bandana, where it covers the whole head, or folded into a headband. I have adidas bandanas and wear them as such - not the way Nadal or Federer wear theirs. How does how you fold or don't fold something change the nature of what it is?


Thanks for the tips cghipp. I'll try to iron my bandanas when I get them out of wash.

And btw to the anti bandana people: Bandanas are cool. Get over it.


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Yeah I don't know what all the hate is about. my bangs have got quite long which looks nice when I am hanging out with friends etc, but its a pain in the 'a' when I go to play tennis. Looking up on serve or overheads etc all I see is hair. I would say I have medium length hair its not super long but longer in the front. I have several Nike bandana's that I fold into narrow headbands tied in the back. I can say that I am definitely not wearing the bandana for cool factor.. I like the feel. It keeps the hair out of the way. Keeps sweat out of my eyes - as even playing relatively hard for a couple hours the things get drenched and need to be washed. Wash them like all cotton garments and I actually like to iron them flat, then fold them and iron again to have crisp smooth edges for a clean look. i also like as a nice bonus you can buy them in many different colors and get matching wristbands so you don't look like a rainbow out on the court. This sounds rather particular but I try to look clean and neat everywhere I go, so why not on the tennis court as well.

In the Nike Bandanas, definitely get the 100% cotton ones (Signature series). Seems like they are mean more for men as the drifit ones are quite a bit thicker and I think look a little girlie unless you have super big long thick hair, otherwise they are huge and overpowering.