Shortening the length of a racquet.

D. Nelson

....yep !!

...I've shotened PLENTY of frames (in fact I have a shortened Prestige Classic and Volkl Tour 10 V-Engine out in my van right now....both play GREAT !!)... You can use a hacksaw/branch-saw, or my favorite ; a cordless sawzall-type saw. Basically : take off the grip/remove the buttcap (allow approximately 1/4" for it when you measure!)(remove by prying off staples with an awl or smallish flathead screwdriver)....If you're sure your racquet IS 28 and you want to make it '27' --- just measure up an inch from the bottom of the handle and score/mark it. Then either put the frame in a vice OR wrap the frame in a couple of towels....find a ledge/porchstep, etc....something with an OVERHANG....put a knee on the racquet....hold the handle of the frame firmly in 1 hand....and DIG IN !! The sawzall does a nice and QUICK (and EASY!) job !! When you're finished you can re-attach the buttcap with the original staples and a tack hammer (which is a PAIN!!) or use a decent silver-type stapler, to carefully re-staple the buttcap to the frame (and then finish off/secure with the hammer)....OR....just use some silicone adhesive ; a little in the bottom of the buttcap and around the inside sides of the buttcap....then attach it and stand it up for about an hour...THEN....hung it upside the silicone can travel a little and set. In about 20 hours you can re-grip the handle....PRESTO !! :)