Shorter inseam shorts that are worth the price?


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I'm having a hard time finding reasonably priced 7" inseam shorts that are in stock for my size and color. 45 seems like the cheapest available in smaller sizes, pushing up to 60 dollars for adidas ergo shorts.

1.) What do you recommend for good 7 inch shorts?
2.) Is a 60 dollar short ever worth it? Is there something superior about the ergo shorts? They look flimsy if anything.
3.) Are there any non-tennis shorts you would recommend for tennis use that are more reasonable?

Thank you
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I've generally been very happy with Adidas, Babolat, and Under Armour shorts. I find that I have to try on a bunch of options to find ones that fit right, so glad that TW makes returns easy. A lot of shorts end up being too baggy or too long.

In terms of non-tennis shorts, I have a bunch of Under Armour Cage shorts that were marketed as MMA shorts (?!) but seemed like basic training shorts to me. They had deep pockets, which also made them good for tennis. They don't seem to be around anymore, but the UA Raid shorts seem similar. The UA HIIT shorts that TW sells are probably worth a try also.

For what it's worth, I find that I think about my shorts less than I think about any other article of clothing. Must have a good shirt, shoes, and even socks. I've never noticed anything particularly important about shorts, though I could have just found good ones right off the bat.


I've never noticed anything particularly important about shorts

Does the pocket turn inside out when you extract the second ball after missing your first service?

If it's practice and you are pocketing six to eight balls whenever you can, (a) does the snap tend to pop (if it's a snap closure), or, (b) can they even hold two cans of balls at once?

Do they tend to come unsewn when you launder them frequently?

(Just a few nits that I always pick before settling on multiple pairs of a given style, myself.)



I made the mistake of buying 2 in 1 7 inch running shorts for tennis. I liked them because they have the Agassi look with the biker short liner. The pocket embarrassingly swings out from under the shorts when you are on the run. I don’t need to tell you what that looks like.

I now wear the Nike Flex Ace shorts with biker short liner and they don’t do that.


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I ordered the Nike Victory's and I didn't care for them. See through, too tight, and the slits were a little weird on the side. The Flex Ace shorts were pretty rough texture wise, but nice design.

I went with Wilson again as I didn't want to be disappointed anymore. I've been satisfied with all Wilson Apparel I have purchased over the last year and the Rush Pro 2.0 shorts are great at its price point.