Shorty sticks and golfer's elbow update!

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by flydog21, Sep 30, 2004.

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    Sep 4, 2004
    Well, I have two weeks of play time now with the two 26” PK5G Jr racquets. To review, in an experiment to see if I could find a way to play with golfer’s elbow (now diagnosed as tendonosis resulting from a specific injury), I purchased two of these sticks from TW, built the handles up, and strung at 42 pounds. So far, the experiment is a success from a pain point of view. The downside is they are challenging to control, and serving is a big joke. I never had much of a serve anyway so no loss there. In practice, it has been fun trying to learn to stay in the point with them and the concentration required has actually improved my consistency. Crazy world!

    And to make matters more interesting, I have joined my wife in a 3.0 hit group sponsored by the local Park and Req dept. The balls they are using are the deadest I have ever seen and I swear some must have been part of the original batch when tennis was invented. Even with the 5G sticks hitting them was a shock. So I took an old PK Copper Ace from ages ago, cut it down to 25 inches, and strung it at 40 pounds with Dunlop Max Comfort. Amazingly, I am now insulated from the dead balls. Plus, everyone in the hit group wanted to try it and NO one could hit a ball with it but me. Was way funny to watch.

    I have pretty much created a buffer between myself and the ball, as there is not much feel when playing. Lots of trampoline and not much serve power. On the other hand, I am playing pain free for the first time in three years. I will take the deal and hope for continued healing, looking forward to the day when these short sticks become a conversation piece. This has had better results than cortisone shots, physical therapy, drugs, and thera-bands! It may not work for others, but has been great (so far) for me.

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