Shot Selection 1hbh


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Ok, a slight identity issue in my game.

I have a one handed backhand, I have great variety with it and I stay close to the baseline. This makes it harder for me to hit it down the line but easier to take time away and put my opponent out of position and then use my forehand.

I can also take a step back and drive it down the line easier and then start bullying with my groundies as I have more time but the points will last longer and this is not a great strategy on a fast court with funky bounces or against flatter hitters.

So I have a shot selection problem in that I can choose to stay back a little and use my backhand as a weapon or stay closer to the baseline and use it as a means of setting up shots for my forehand or netplay.

I tend to waste opportunities to attack with my backhand in the first scenario because I am used to just not having time with the ball and then just drive it cross court.

Lance L

I do know what you mean. I made a decision that playing close to the baseline was important to me, for numerous reasons. Once that was determined, I adjusted both fh and 1hbh's to be quite compact and quick to do, so I didn't need extra time. At least that is the theory. In general it works pretty well, but deep balls are always less fun, and probably always will be, but still better than not being able to get to short balls.