Shots like these really make me miss Federer


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The rest of us are struggling to see how you're a tennis fan if you don't understand how special these shots are...

Time to admit you're just a Nadal fangirl and not a tennis fan
You are tempting me to upload videos of Rafa's outstanding shotmaking.

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In the second clip, why did Querrey try that weak high spinning shot down the line instead of ripping a cross court winner from the shallow position he was at?


Watching a Fed highlight reel is like watching a classical music concert, a Nadal reel is like watching a rock music concert, they both are awesome but what Fed does is so artistic and flows so well that you can see how is something unique, something close to perfection and something you doubt anyone else can do again, Nadal on the other hand is awesome to watch because of the energy, the power and it is entertaining but it does not have the flow and beauty that Fed has.


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Such a unique player!
Indeed.I've been fortunate enough to watch this man for almost 20 years now; thank God I'm old enough :D :D