Should Carlos Alcaraz play the NextGen Finals?


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FAA and Sinner could end up as alternates in the ATP Finals, or even direct entry, and I somewhat doubt they will play Milan even if they miss out.

Should Carlos play? He's had a very good year, and even if he wins the NextGen Finals, how much would it burnish his résumé?


Well why not?
He has made it to the quarter finale of a grand slam as an 18 years teenager in many years, he should play if he qualifies


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I don't think he should even think about playing tennis until that quad/adductor issue is resolved. I want to see him rehab until he is fully, fully healthy. The kid has 15 years of tennis ahead of him. Rushing back is the absolute worst thing he could do. So no, unless he is fully healthy and firing by then.

If he is healthy, then it's still no. He is #37 in the world and with a good indoor run could possibly be top 30 before AO/clay season next year. Getting favorable draws at the Clay Masters and a crucial seed at Roland Garros is massive for him. So any event that could net him points > a meaningless competition like the NG finals.

Focus on the points, Carlos.


If he’s playing for money, go for it. I’m no expert, but I would think that at this stage in his career a slightly longer off season would be more beneficial. More time to rest up and strengthen his injured leg, more time to work on his serve, and overall game. I wouldn’t mind getting to see him play though, every Alcaraz match is exciting (except for that one against Felix).


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Honestly forgot this tournament even existed.

Now there are some #nextgen players who might actually reach the real year end championships, then it seems a bit redundant


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If the leg woes are cured then he should play as few points-earning indoor HC tournaments as possible to earn a seed at AO’22; skip NGF and Stockholm that week if the seeding mission is accomplished. If not, he may need to travel north.


Depends if he needs the cash. Have they still got that messed up scoring system? If so and he doesn’t need the money, stay away. It’s not even good prep for the tour.