Should Djokovic and Murray take some time off?


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"Should Djokovic and Murray take some time off?"

Yes, permanently!



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I don't see how this would make sense. They got where they did by running as fast as possible, time caught up with them as it does with everybody, you can only redouble your effort to try to outrun it again for as long as you can until the inevitable. If you take time off, time will overtake you. They will never come back.

The tennis player Ivan Lendl once remarked that if he took one week off, he needed a month of training to recover the feel in his hands and the reactions of his feet. "If I don't play for two weeks, I can't hit a topspin," he said. "I just lose the timing, I can't move on the court; I lose everything. That's why I can't take a long break. I would love to, but I can't."

McEnroe's sabbatical left him far behind. He was already way behind with Lendl overtaking him. I never believed the accepted expert wisdom that the tortured genius McEnroe lost anything, the game had simply moved on. If he looked 2 steps slower, it was really because the game had become 3 steps faster.