owen S.

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I have been stringing for a few years and string probably 100 rackets a year on a crank/lockout machine. I am looking to upgraded to a nicer, newer electronic machine. I have narrowed it down to these three: Gamma 7900 els, Alpha Ghost 2, and Tourna 700 ES. I am also open to other suggestions but would like to keep it in the 2.5k-3k prince range. Also, do I need a machine with self-centering, or is it over-rated? Any advice on which machine I should choose?


Probably not much help, but you won't go wrong with any of the three. Tourna, from what I've seen, seems to offer more bang for the buck. I think that 700 is really nice. I love the clamp bases which are quite like the Mighty Sensor's. The best advice I can offer is to review the features of each and whichever hits your "niche" best, go for it.


I can’t advise on this topic since I’ve only been stringing for a year. But curious what machine you use now and if you know about the wise tension head?


Both the Ghost and the Tourna look well built. I believe the Tourna has a 0.1lb accuracy whereas the Ghost is 0.5lb.