Should I use single vision or progressive lenses in goggles when playing tennis?


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I've decided to start wearing goggles when playing tennis due to a recent eye injury. However, I am struggling with the type of lenses.

Should I go with single vision lenses or progressives? I normally wear progressives but not sure at this point.

Please let me know. Thanks.


Definitely NOT progressives. They're great for reading, but the last thing you need is different focal lengths when trying to track a ball in flight

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Depending on the amount of correction, you could get away with progressives. I was originally prescribed a +3 for close reading purposes for my 60 year old eyes and when I tried to track the ball close to me, it would get out of focus and make my depth perception off. So I use single focus for playing tennis and +3 progressives for normal life.


i had Lasik done.. best investment i ever did...
no more glasses playing tennis, going Skiing, Long bike rides....etc..


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So that is what I am doing now. Single vision for the goggles and progressives for my regular glasses.

Good to know that I am doing this correctly. I did not like using the progressive lenses for tennis.