Should mains be strung higher than crosses or vice versa?

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    Oct 5, 2010
    I've been stringing my mains at 60 and my crosses at 62, but lately I've seen people saying they string the opposite with mains at the higher tension. Is this way best? Which method holds tension longest?

    Also, does stringing your racquet at a lower tension cause it to die faster? I'm thinking of trying 59 but I don't want to if the strings die faster.

    Thanks for any help. :)
  2. Ramon

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    Sep 4, 2011
    I read on another site that crosses are typically 32-37% looser than the mains even though the ideal difference is 20-25%. When you weave the crosses and tighten them, the mains tighten up because the weave stretches them. Also, when you apply tension to the crosses, the friction from the mains reduces the amount of tension that is applied to the string.

    The article suggested that you can add 4 pounds to the crosses, or if you have a constant pull machine, you can wait about 20 seconds before clamping (and you can weave the next cross in the meantime). I'm doing the latter.
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    Apr 20, 2010
    There are theories to support tighter and looser crosses.

    Ramon highlighted the tighter cross theories above - crosses increase main tension so cross needs to be tighter to keep up with increase to main.

    Others say crosses should be lower because 1. it is a shorter string and doesn't need as much tension to feel as stiff, and 2. dropping approximately 2 lbs on the cross allows the mains to slide more easily.

    Finally, some say it doesn't matter and just use the same tension.

    I will offer an opinion that pros seem to like the crosses a bit lower than the mains in general. From what I have observed this seems more common. This opinion is just based on pro stringing logs I have seen on TT and other web sites.

    Then hybrid stringing with a poly and soft gut/syn gut/multi brings in a whole range of other questions. I like stringing the soft gut/syn gut/multi 2-5 lbs tighter than the poly. I do this if poly is in the mains or the crosses - I always increase the soft string 2-5 lbs - maybe +2-3 lbs if the soft string is in the crosses and +4-5 lbs if the soft string is in the mains.

    For non-hybrid stringing, I like cross -2 lbs below mains. But, try it both ways and decide for yourself is the only real way to know.
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