Shoulder Rotation on WW forehand

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    May 1, 2009
    Hello to all and thanks in advance for your comments.

    I started hitting the WW forehand about a year ago. I haven't had as much coaching as I would like, but I have tried to be a student by observing pro matches, internet reading, youtube, etc.

    I like hitting the WW forehand, it makes playing even more fun for me, if thats possible. There are a lot of aspects I like, such as the kinetic chain, facing your opponent, instead of immediately turning sideways.

    The reason I wanted to this the WW forehand is because you can, when done correctly, hit with a lot net clearance but bring the ball down within a foot or two of the baseline. The level I am playing now, all I really care about is hitting, consistently deep, and patiently waiting for the short shot from my opponent. I do not try to win a point from the baseline.

    However, I am very inconsistent with the WW shot. I hit a bunch into the fence at the other side of the net. My mechanics are wrong.

    I took kind of a joint lesson with my son, and the instructor said the reason I was hitting long was because when I came through to hit the ball, I was rotating my shoulders, and opening my body up, and that was causing my racquet fact to open up. She told me to keep my shoulder closed until the ball was hit, and then to rotate. It worked, but I felt like I was hitting with a straight jacket on.

    I have looked at clips of other WW forehands, and nearly all of them show the player making contact with the ball when his shoulders are squared up/parallel to the net.

    I have wondered if its my posture, and I am leaning back when I hit it, or some other aberration, that causes me to open up.

    Also, I have trouble bringing my racquet down low enough from the takeback position. If anyone can point me towards the proper way to take the racquet back, and then drop it down to start the swing would be very helpful.

    Thanks in advance.


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