Sigma Pro Plasma Poly Stringing Tension


I going to string the Sigma Pro Plasma 17 in the main and Prince Syn Gut 17 cross on both the Wilson Prostaff 6.0 95 and the Ncode SixNone 95. I used to string both with the hybrid of BB ALU Rough/Prince Syn Gut 17 at 57/60 lbs. Should I string the Sigma Pro/Prince Syn 17 at the same tension of 57/60 lbs or going higher or lower..

Any comment helpl ;) Thank guy..

Jerry Seinfeld, TripleB: any comment???


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I'm using the 1.28 Pro Poly Plasma and have it strung in the mains at 60 pounds and it feels fantastic (Bow Brand Championship Natural Gut 15L crosses at 60 pounds also). I would say string it at the same tension as what you are used to and then adjust from there.


Jerry Seinfeld

I'd go 60/60 because in your previous set-up you likely dropped the main tension because it was a stiffer poly. The poly plasma does not need a tension drop, IMO.


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It will be best for you using the same tension as your old setup. Eventhough SPPP is softer, it feels pretty boardy for the first two sets or so. Then it settles in and plays great.