Signum Pro Polaris


The german string manufacturer has introduced a new string. Power and feel are advertised as its main characteristics. It looks to me like x-perience and yellow jacket had a baby. Anyone had a chance to hit with it?


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I just ordered a reel of this so should find its way across the pond in a week or so. Signum bills it as a higher powered version of Firestorm with similar characteristics, so could have potential as a pretty good string since Firestorm comes very highly rated and is the string of choice for some of the pros. If anyone wants to try a sample, text me at 303 709 4004 and we can arrange a trade.


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Has anyone tried this string yet and how it compares to popular round strings? I am looking replacement for RS Lyon and would be nice to hear some reviews on this string.


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Yes, I've used this as both a cross string and full bed.

For a full bed, I strung 60/55 in a Yonex Vcore 97HD, expecting it to drop in tension as so many do (at high altitude I don't need as much power, so string a little high). String diameter is 1.20 mm--I tend toward the narrower strings since I have all 18/20 racquets. Much better than average tension maintenance, after over a month it is still very tight and is down to maybe 50/45 or so. I am not a string breaker so I'm not the one to comment on durability.

As one might expect, this is not a big spin string being round, but it gives very good control and ball feel. Very comfortable, not mushy feeling like I noticed with say the Solinco soft series, not quite as comfortable as my gut/alu hybrid racquet, but at the top of the list for comfortable polys. Good pop on the ball, excellent power for a poly, and is not twangy as some other thin stings are at high tension. I'd play a few sets or do a long practice session and have little arm pain, and don't notice the jarring that comes with some of the harder polyesters, particularly on mis-hits. Does really well when I pop a flat serve in the sweet spot, but can't get the spin to keep the ball down, which is a chore with the local court being at 7400 ft altitude.

As a cross I've used it with Weiss Cannon Ultra String and Toroline Wasabi, both sharp square strings, same high 50s/low50s on a Head Gravity Tour. It softened the otherwise harsh feel from both of those strings. I was about ready to give the Wasabi away since it just jars my arm too much, and this gave it a stay of execution. Adds some power to the hybrids, although that is not always what some of the spin seekers are looking for. I'm in to soften them some and it does that pretty well, so I can get both spin and deep flat shots pretty well with those setups.

All told, very much as Signum says on the label--power, comfort, tension maintenance at the expense of spin. I would rate it as one of the best non-shaped polys I've played. I'd be interested to compare this to Firestorm, Code Red, Alu-whatever or one of the other highly rated rounds. If someone wants a trade for one of those, I'll be glad to cut a piece of and pop it in the mail.
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