Signum Pro Poly plasma best gauge


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Hi, i have Dunlop F3.0 Tour (18x20), what at your opinion is the best "Signum Pro Poly plasma" gauge for this raquet? Also suggest please a tension ))



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I have used the 16 G, feels stiff even at lower tensions on a dense string pattern. It is a durable string, so I would consider using 17G or thinner especially if you don't break strings often.


I have used 17 Ga SPPP at 45# in a LM Instinct Tour XL. 16x19 pattern, so the feel was OK. For your 18x20, probably suggest going down to maybe 40-42#.


As what everyone suggested, if you are not a string breaker go for the thinnest gauge available. do note that it will have a bit less tension maintenance compared to 16ga but still good IMO.


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Hi, thanks for reply, you suggest so low tensions (45, 48, 40) lbs i usually strung at 25kg - 24 kg (other strings) , the ball will not fly away? Thanks


SPPP is noted for being a good all around string with good tension maintenance. It is certainly not a high powered poly. You really need to string it low to give the strings a chance to perform. Too high, i.e. > 50# and it becomes boardy. Since it loses tension slowly, it will be boardy for a while. Keep in mind that you are not a pro and don't need the tensions they use.


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SPPP has been my hybrid poly for many many years and still use it even after having tried a few.

I have a Prince Tour Diablo with string tension specs of 53-63. I string the 17 gauge SPPP at 49 lbs.


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Thanks - is Iontec even listed on there? Can't find it!
Not sure but if you can't find it clear everything first, then look. You may have some limiting parameters entered. But I assume if you can't find it, it's not there.


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Hallo everyone

Is SPPP 1.23 a reasonable choice on the following frames? Tension (low tension preferred)?

Phantom Pro 100 (16x18)
Txt Tour 100p (2015)
Txt Tour 95 (2015)
Txt Warrior 107t
Beast 100 300
Head Radical Tour XL 630 Candy Cane