Silent Partner DG or Silent Partner Aria

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Which electronic machine would you purchase?

  1. Gamma Progression ES II+

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  2. Gamma X-ES

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  3. Silent Partner Aria

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  4. Silent Partner DG

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  1. R-Fed

    R-Fed Rookie

    May 4, 2005
    Hey Guys,

    I've been thinking about getting a electronic racquet stringer and I've been really looking at these two stringers in addition to the Gamma Progression ES II+ and X-ES (both $899).

    My first question is should I go with Gamma or Silent Partner.

    My second question is if Gamma, what are the differences between the Progression ES II+ and X-ES machines and which one is the best.

    My third question is if Silent Partner, what are the differences between the Aria ($1599)and DG ($999) machines and which one is the best.

    I am on a budget of about $800 to $1000.

    Any help would be greatly appreicated.

  2. SW Stringer

    SW Stringer Semi-Pro

    Mar 10, 2004
    Somebody needs to tell you about other
    aternatives that are universally acclaimed
    to be superior to the SP and Gamma. This
    information I got from reading posts about
    really great machines from LF (I think that's
    equal to Lunatic Fringe - but I could be wrong

    on that point. HeHEHEHEHE - wouldn't be the
    next, last, or only time I been my bad. The
    Lstt 200 Do-Whoppy is a machine that only
    yesterday was selling for nearly nothing, but

    due to price change fluctuations in the Chinese
    yen and manipulations of the world olive oil
    market by the mafia (don't use caps here - it
    could be trouble) is now available for only $1200
    Canadien plus $980 for a bridge adapter that you
    probably don't need. Every LF owner is ecstatic
    over their purchase, cause the ones who aren't
    are rubbed out by the previously mentioned organ-

    Something else I learned, the old farts on this board
    are biased, cause they got too much experience and
    actually know how to do things - so don't listen to
    them or Thunder Balz will come over and bust your

    Just thought you'd like to know before that hard
    earned money your Mom or Dad gave you is plunked
    down on a piece of c**p SP or Gamma. Anyway happy
    wet dreams after you get your LF - and if you don't
    you know who will come bust you one.
  3. Two Fister

    Two Fister Rookie

    Jun 24, 2005
    I've owned both the ESII+ and the Aria. The Aria seems to be out of your price range that you quoted. Nevertheless, I think the ESII is a bit higher in quality as far as the mounting system goes. But the mounting system of the Aria is quite good and more similar to the Babolat systems. The side arm mounts on the ESII can sometimes really get in the way of the grommet you need to thread the string through. The aria is designed in a way that it doesn't obscure the grommet holes as much. I like the "linear" gripper on the Aria a lot, but occasionally the gripper will not open completely after releasing the string. I'm talking to Silent partner about this right now, but it is not a big problem at all, cuz it only happens only zero to two times per string job. I can string faster on the Aria cuz of the linear gripper and the side arm mounts.

    The tensioning system on the aria is quite good and seems more accurate than the ESII. The clamp bases on the ESII were not real smooth when moving them around on the base, so I upgraded them to the cam lock bases for $400. Those were incredible.

    If I were going to buy one machine, I'd buy the Aria. I got a demo from Silent partner for $1200, so it actually cost less than the ESII+ set up that I had. $900 ESII, $400 Cam lock bases, $100 stand, $40 cover.
  4. 156MPHserve

    156MPHserve Professional

    Jul 28, 2005
    If I were to choose I'd take the Gamma X-ES, it's good enough for anything. However yeah I say LF if you can.
  5. Gamma Tech

    Gamma Tech Professional

    Oct 12, 2004
    Pittsburgh, PA
    If you have more specific questions about the Gamma machines I can answer them. I've never used a SP machine.

    there isn't a big difference between the 2 Gamma machines, both are the same quality. If you do a search you should be able to find information about the differences.

  6. LMW

    LMW Rookie

    Feb 21, 2004
    Silent Partner machines have an excellent reputation. So do the Alpha machines. You can even add a Wise Tension Head to make it super special. Why not give Mark a call, at Alpha; and of course, tell him I said "hello."

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