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What specifically are you wondering about?

I've had the Sport for 2 years. IIRC, didn't see the need for a remote as it has a delay, and the AC option only made sense for a home court. Otherwise, I'm fairly certain they are the same machine.


How difficult is it to transport? I have a normal car, a sedan. Not sure it would fit in my trunk.

when i had it...
big, bulky and heavy.. had a difficult time putting it in a MB C class sedan trunk.

sold for something better, smaller, and lighter...


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I bought it about a year ago as I felt like it had the most features for the price. I have it in the back of a wagon and that is fine although it is a bit heavy, but I don't see many options that do as much as this machine and are lighter. Jedi Master what did you move to?

I think mine has paid off in the sense that it has been used enough that it is now under $10/ use, but if I had it to do again I don't know that I'd go back with it. I've had lots of quality control issues - a remote which sometimes doesn't work until I'm super close to the machine, a handle which doesn't go down properly, and a few other minor issues. None of them keep me from using it, but I haven't been thrilled with their customer service, which has been friendly, but certainly not like some companies in other areas who go over the top to make sure things are working nearly like new at least while under warranty. Perhaps that is the way ball machines are.

On my wish list I'd love to be able to set up drills with preprogrammed shots - say a deep ball, a short ball for an approach, and a volley, and I'd like to be able to choose wide vs narrow oscillation. It seems like that pushes the price over $1500 in any given brand I've seen.

Great things about the machine include the battery, which I've never taxed, the pace which can blast the ball harder than any human I've found, and like the name says it isn't too loud. One other detail I don't love, but isn't a big deal is the dials go from 1-10 or so, but the usable range is more like 3-4 in the sense that for pace 2.5 is too weak to get the ball over the net and 5.5 hits the back fence, for frequency it is similar, going from say 3 to 5 is the difference between an eternal wait and balls coming too often to be any good to anyone. Since it is such a hair trigger a digital readout (I usually like analog better because there is less to break) would really help to dial the machine in for different people and different contexts.