Silicone and weight distribution question

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by keithfival, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. keithfival

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    Aug 23, 2010
    Working with an MG Radical MP (with 4" of lead at 10 & 2) I removed one overgrip (8 grams) and 5 grams of lead from the handle and replaced with 13 grams of silicone. So, weightwise it's exactly the same, although the silicone is all at the bottom of the grip instead of spread out. Total weight 339g.

    First of all, WOW. I feel like I'm hitting the ball with a 13oz racket. Soooo solid like a sledgehammer. Feels great on groundies (I can step in and hit flatter with so much control!), volleys, touch shots, and helps tremendously on overheads. Contact feels so solid. The only issue is that it actually feels quite a bit heavier and feels sluggish on my serve - I can't get the racket speed I'm used to. (I didn't mind the weight on any other stroke). I found myself just placing the serve but not able to get enough speed to rip one at all.

    It seems strange that it would feel/swing heavier with the same static weight (I used a scale) and with the weight being shift toward the bottom?! Is this a phenomenon of the silicone feel or of the polarization of the weight?

    My other MG Rad MP (without the silcone) actually is 2g heavier for some reason, the balance point is the same, and feels much lighter.

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    Nov 18, 2010
    My guess is, neither... I think it's your mind playing tricks on you. I know the feeling. I tinker with my rackets a lot (too much...) and quite often the way a frame feels is contrary to the objective measurements. I.e. of the two exactly matched frames (and I'm talking about the same brand/model, exact same measured weight/balance, same grip size, same string/tension, etc.) one feels heavier/less maneuverable than the other, or less "solid", or "swings/hits differently". If I make an effort to remove any visible differences between such matched frames, after a while I can't tell the "difference" in feel anymore. I just chalk it off to paranoia :).

    So you liked everything about the "silicone" racket except how it feels on serve... I'd say, spend some time practicing serve and convincing yourself that the feeling that the racket is more sluggish is not real - because it certainly isn't.

    Ah, just one more thing: the two frames are the same grip size, and have the same type of grip/overgrip, right? Any differences in this area can affect the feel, in a real way.
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    Ian could be right about it just being in your mind. On the other hand, if you have indeed polarized the handle weight it can change the way the frame swings.

    If you're interested in how weight distribution can impact swing dynamics and timing, do a search for "MgR/I". For posters who have played around with this theory, mass at the top of the grip seems to make the head "come around" faster than mass at the butt.

    If this type of effect, rather than your mind, has upset your timing, a quick fix is to take 1 gram from your 10&2 lead off.

    If you can handle more weight, another thing to try is add 5 grams at the top of the grip and leave the 10&2 the way it is.

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