Silverstring 1.20 vs. Lux. Big Ace 18


So I've decided to open my string selection up and try some more polys. I've tried cheaper polys like Cyberflash, PP, SPPP, and MSV Hex, and, now that I have a stringing machine, can afford a little more. I've chosen a soft cross(tecnifibre Multifeel) and I am now trying to find the right poly.

I am an aggressive all-court player and I am trying to make a transition to more S&V, so feel is very important, hence the thin gauge on both my primary string interests.

I haven't had the opportunity to try any polys in my MG Radical MP (had it for just over 2 weeks now), so I am open to trying strings again.

As long as the strings keep their tension for ~2 weeks they're fine as I will most likely break the cross string by then.

Which string has more feel and control? I would prefer it to be the silverstring ($2.75 for 20 feet in the reel!), but I don't mind paying a little more for a better string.

Suggestions/comparisons for other similar strings are welcome.


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I like the K-Boom 18 as a cross with 18 Gut mains. I think Klip packages it under the name X-plosive (not 18/18 gauge though).


Sadly I can't play with gut because my parents think it's too expensive (can't convince them otherwise) and in Washington it gets pretty moist year-round and the durability tends to suffer a little. :(