Similar to alu power but more control

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    can anyone recommend a string that is similar to alu power but has less power and a bit more control? im looking for a comfortable poly (i mean comfortable for a poly ;)). im thinking of trying some kirschbaum strings maybe, but it depends on the recommendations i get here. durability is not a big factor, as the only string ive ever broken was a yonex multi (after a week and a half of playing). need something soft but not much power, but lots of spin

    good tension maintence is also important, but not as important as above.

    im trying full jobs of polys to add more power to my game. im not stringing a hybrid lower, or using syn gut, to get power because of an article i read about roman prokes where he recommended a luxilon poly to "harness" your power through topspin.


    oh yea, i forgot, i need it to be cheap, as in less than $12. $12 is the most i'd pay
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    1. To get less power, you're going to have to sacrifice comfort.

    2. If you want less power than ALU add a couple of lbs, or go to a hard core poly.

    3. If you want more spin (control as RP said) look at the 1.22 or below guages of the strings.

    4. If you're coming from a Yonex multi, anything is going to be stiffer, and have more control.

    Anyway . . .

    If you want something ALU like try Cyber Flash.
    If you want something stiffer try Bab Pro Hurricane or TF Code Red.
    If you want something softer look at the Polyfibre strings.

    If you want something thin that holds tension, and is softer than ALU look at PolyFibre Polytech 1.10.

    . . . Bud

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