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    I stopped playing tennis about 7 years ago when we started having kids. Now I'd like to start playing competitively again. I was using the original Head Atlantis 660 that was made in Austria and had a double power wedge that measured about 30mm at the throat and head. I cracked one of the two I had and find that you can't get them anymore. Can someone suggest a racquet with similar specs? If memory serves me correct, the Atlantis was about 12 oz., 27", and approx. 1" head light. Thanks.
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    Head 660 Rackets

    You can find many of the 660 series Head Rackets on **** quite often in new or like new condition with low prices.


    There are currently 6 that I see listed including 1 HEAD ATLANTIS "660" 4 5/8" GRIP "ALMOST NEW" (AUSTRIA) for Buy It Now $59. Many times I see them sell for $15 Brand New on ****, you just have to keep checking back on a regular basis.
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    10S FAN,

    Have you tried using the TW Racquet Finder? I'm not familiar with the Atlantis so I can't tell you anything that plays like it, but go to and fill in the Atlantis' specs--it'll find similarly spec'd racquets.


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