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    Wimbledon Primetime did a nice feature castigating (I think justifiably) Simon's commenets about equal pay for men and women.

    One of the more interesting points concerned the basis for Simon's argument that men should make more...b/c essentially they fill up the stadiums.

    The response was that, if Simon wanted pay based upon who put behinds in the seats, then he should probably make 10% of the paid prize money in any match vs Fed or Nadal---b/c the fans clearly aren't coming to see Simon so much as they are coming to see Fed or Nadal. Of course, Simon wouldn't like that idea---would he?

    The stars from both tours bring in the fans....Serena probably brings in far more fans than a random Simon match.

    In any case, I think tennis has taken a positive step with equal pay.
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    Murray brought up the point that alot of the top womens players are able to play doubles too, as they play less time and the tennis is less taxing. Kafelnikov in 1996 was the last man to do it, since then 28 women have achieved it.

    One writer went with it and put it like this:

    Murray said ‘There are a lot of things the guys do agree on,’ he replied. ‘For example, at the French Open, Sara Errani made the final in singles and won the doubles. Because it’s not best of five sets for women, it’s much easier to play both, so they have more chance to make money. There are very few guys that have a realistic shot of winning the singles event at Roland Garros who will be playing doubles there, too. Same thing at Wimbledon. It’s five set singles, five set doubles, so fewer guys play. It’s not always about equal pay. It’s about the way the men’s and women’s tournaments differ.’

    In 2008 at Wimbledon, Rafael Nadal and Federer played one of the most magnificent finals of modern times. It went to five sets, the last of which Nadal won 9-7, and included two tiebreaks in a match lasting 288 minutes. He received £750,000. The same year Venus Williams beat her sister, Serena, in straight sets. She received £750,000, too. The pair then defeated Lisa Raymond and Samantha Stosur 6-2, 6-2 in the women’s doubles and split an additional £230,000. That match lasted 59 minutes.

    The following year Federer defeated Andy Roddick in another five-set match that broke the record for the number of games in a men’s final, 77. The final set was won 16-14 and Federer received £850,000. Meanwhile, Serena defeated Venus in straight sets and was paid the same as Federer. The sisters then won the doubles in straight sets and shared £230,000. Both finals combined entailed 44 games.

    And there is Murray’s point: 43 per cent less work for 13.5 per cent more pay.

    I think it's an interesting take on it, from an angle i've not heard talked about much.
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    That's not entirely true. Simon does reach the round of 16 and QFs pretty often, as his ranking suggests. So more often than not, he is playing the top ranked players in those rounds which spectators do come to see.

    Women's tennis is the highest paying sport for professional women athletes. Yet, the quality of athletes in WTA is abysmal compared to WNBA, track and field etc. If tennis would stop being such an elitist sport, we could see some real women athletes in tennis, the ones who can actually run, move and jump - basically be athletes rather than spoiled grunters.

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