Since the first set of the French Open QFs...


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Novak Djokovic has not been broken by Nadal once, in any ATP tour level match.

That is 35 consecutive service holds with only 3 break points offered, all of which have been saved. In that timeframe Nadal has only held serve 19 times, being broken in 16 service games.

That is 241 days, 4 matches and 8 sets without a single break.

Going back even further, Nadal has only broken Djokovic three times since the Final of the 2014 French Open; in the first game of Monte Carlo 2015 and twice in the French Open that same year.


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I was actually focussing more on the improvement in Djokovic's service games. Nadal has definitely dropped, but he just doesn't give anything up on serve for Nadal to capitalise on.

Rafa is a horrid example to use for your point though, if you know he's declined it's a non-issue, who else is challenging Novak? No one. Rafa can't even beat Fognini from 2 sets to love so I don't see the point.