Sir Andy Tweets after his 1st Round USO match


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I hope it is not a medical condition with the prostate. Everyone knows that old men take a long time to pee, and I think that may even be the case without prostate enlargement.


Sad to see what a whiner he’s become. I guess he’s frustrated his career didn’t end the way he would have wanted. Still.


Andy just comes across as pathetic. At the end of the day it's another first round loss, if you can't overcome the bathroom break, you don't deserve the W. Same reason Thiem didn't deserve the 2020 AO trophy. Have a nice flight home.


Hall of Fame


Hall of Fame
How funny that some of us, the TTW users, pass on the judgment on Andy for coming to the social media to share his views/feelings; yet, we do the same.
...because we too are role models and entered in the conversations of great tennis players lol