six pack bag/ can't decide Head vs. ???/ straps are the issue


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I was looking around for a 6 pack bag and really like the Head Tour combi in the orange and black. My only reservation is that the backpack straps don't seem so good. Can anyone tell me if they have this bag if the straps are comfortable?

It seems like the Wilson bags have more built-in non-removable straps that seem much more comfortable.

Ideally, I'd like a bag with comfortable straps that are on the top (handle side) so they don't get dirty when I put the bag down on the clay courts.

Any suggestion for the perfect 6 pack bag would be great. I'm looking for comfortable straps, durable materials, and a good compartment design.



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Check out the Becker Special ed. mega pack. They're going on sale (found one for under 30 bucks shipped) and you can fit everything including the kitchen sink in there. (great compartment for dirty shoes too) I noticed that the bag also has the particular strap-style you're looking for. The biggest downside that it has compared to the head bags is it lacks a thermal lining. Not a huge deal, just a missed perk.

BTW i have the Orange and white version of the Tour (or maybe the radical... who knows anymore) as well and the straps are quite annoying. They have a nasty habit of reversing and getting dirty just as you said.


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Babolat makes some great bags as well. A friend of mine has one that she's taken around the world and is still holding up well.