Skincare playing outside in the winter


This was never really an issue before but I played for several hours yesterday in around 40 degree weather. After the set I looked at my right hand and noticed the skin around my knuckles were so dry and cracked that I could see through the gaps to the layer of skin below. Probably stretching from gripping the racket. This disturbed me so much I stopped playing.

Went back home, ran my hand under warm water and put some lotion on it and it was fine, but even now my skin is sore and I see faint scabbing.

Anyone have this issue when playing outside in the cold, and how can I avoid this issue in the future? Any other skin related issues I should look out for in the future?
Does applying lotion prior to even work? Probably not wearing gloves till it gets to like 30 degrees.


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You can find many varieties of hand creams specifically for cold weather, Several are geared towards just your type of problem. Some manual labor jobs often require frequent bare-handed work, These products will help your hands stay in one piece in those conditions.

Some of the more old school formulas seem to work a bit better.


My wife is obsessive about skin care and recommends something
called Satin Hand Herbal Hand Cream from some place in Canada.

Check it out at

(Expensive in my opinion)

Use it on a regular basis, but creams can be slippery, so not just before the match.


Thank you for the replies. I have played in cold weather before but never had this problem, so it came as a shock.
I never used moisturizers even in the winter.. just reached that point in my life I guess!


If you really want to step it up, get some little cotton gloves and wear them to bed after moisturizing.


Indoor heating dries out your skin due to its low relative humidity. I use a low SPF 10 oil on my hands to keep the skin supple indoors. Regular hand lotion also works per Da GF.


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I had a similar condition a year ago, and the thing that helped was a good moisturizing gel.
I also started to drink much more water than before (around 8 liters a day) even when I do not feel thirsty. Because the water balance is very important in your body. So, I was recommended to use a moisturizing gel and drink more water dermatologist from I started doing so, and now my skin is way smoother than it used to be, and there are no cracks. Not sure that dehydration is the cause of cracks on your hands, but drinking more water and moisturizing your hands will not hurt.
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