Skipping outer mains in a 18x20.....


The outer strings are gonna have minimal Impact on play
the stringbed stiffness might change, but weather its notisabl or not, I doubt it..
I moved the top cross string to the bottom, on my 16/20 y.vcore.dual.g.. I notised a slight softer feel,,, but in my case, I do hit very close to where that modification happened..

Anyway. Let us know how it goes for you...


DT drops a little. Shots hit near the edge will not feel as Bad. May be more comfortable depending on string and ref tension. If you hit mainly in the center, the lower DT will result in more comfort, but ball will still come off as if the frame is 18x20 because the density is unchanged there.


...what are the beefits in turning it to a "16x20" type of racquet? What should one expect?
I am not really seeing a huge benefit by skipping the outer mains because most of your shots are going to be in the center or slightly off center. The string bed density doesn't change there. If anything, I'm not sure whether the racket's integrity is protected in case of a shank and there is a crack or something and you don't want people to blame you because you skipped the last mains. Highly doubt that happens though.