Anybody else think they should play ice-cream man music (I think it's called "The Baby Elephant Walk") and randomly give out some free ice cream to the kids whenever they're drying the courts at the US Open from now on?



They should give out ice-cream for everyone. They already have kid's day, what about the rest of us?


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lol .......i hear ya chan .....its amazing how the usta spends our money? too........ those machines i can asure you are not cheap either!


Yeah... I guess the sad part is when you look at why those prices are so high on food at big sports events. More or less, the price is right considering the demand for them... A lot of people willing to pay for it. At the very least, the amount of people that demand a more proper price and would pay for that proper price doesn't make up for the difference with the higher price and all the people willing to shell out for it.

Not to mention that I think a big part of an event's pre-planned budget and profit forecast depends on those crazy prices of food.

Sort of similar to the movie theatres--especially with the studios demanding a larger cut of the ticket sales.

I can sympathize, but the price of food still sucks and you wonder if people ever suffer dehydration or hunger at these events. But at least the US Open allows food (though last year they seemed to confiscate food for a few hours on the first day, until there was public outcry).

Should a family have to spend close to a $100 on food alone for an afternoon and evening? :p Who knows how much they spent just to get to the Open. But I guess there are at least a lot of good places to get food at good prices in Queens :)

I'm sure those machines were spendy... But they do seem more efficient than what we were seeing last year lol. I wonder if the USTA was breaking child labor laws drying all the courts at the open last year.



Actually, there is little that is more efficient than a plain towel to dry a tennis court. If they used the same amount of people as they do with those 'slamboni' machines, and gave them all towels instead, the court would be dry at least as quickly as with the machines - if not more quickly. And the towels are cheaper, less noisy, and use no electricity or gas.

We've made entire puddles disappear in minutes with just one towel. It's pretty amazing how much these things can absorb.


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Whoever came up with that name is a bonehead. "Slamboni" sounds more like the name of a sexual position than a machine used to try tennis courts.