SLAZENGER tennis balls


i play indoors and i gennerally use head radical - which i really dislike because they just good for hard hitting, can never get top spin out of them.

when i pick up balls left by other people on the side which are slazengers - absolutley love playing with them, but dont know what model of slagenzers as the ink on the ball has gone off

just wanna know which slazengers would you lot recommend:
but durabillity has to be top list
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Only two slazengers available near me: Wimbledon Ultra Vis, Championship Hi-Vis. Never played with the Championship, but the Wimbledon's played very well. I only played with 2 cans though because I still don't find them worth $1/ball.


clearly ur really smart

out of their range which ones would you rate:

wimbledon ulra
championship hi
championship hydogaurd
extra life ball
intro tennis ball


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I've been playing the Slazenger Wimbledon UltraVis with hydroguard in Hong Kong since that's the best price/performance ball I can find in my area. They keep there bounce for about 4 hours for me, which is a lot better than most tier two balls (usually ones labeled champ or championship). Only thing is is that they are stiffer than other balls.


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I use Slazenger Wimbledon balls all the time, i've used slazenger extra life, hi-viz, tournament, open and wimbledon.

The open are pretty average, the hi viz are expensive and not worth the money, the same with the extra life i think they are a con.

The wimbledon ball in the UK is always on sale at a big chain sports store here, i've been picking up last years balls for £3 a can of 4, cheapest balls and probably one of the best balls i've hit with.

I agree with you with the Head Radical, i've used them and the championship head balls and i generally dislike head balls altogether.
I find that Slazengers balls go puffy after just one match 3 sets
Yep, agreed. I use Head Championship, plenty of zip (even for a second session) and next to no fluffing. A bit weak on cold nights for some reason when I've noticed them loose pressure quickly. Otherwise, perfect.