Sleeveless shirts are underrated


I have big biceps, but thats not why I wear sleeveless on hot days.

People seem so stupid to me for wearing normal shirts on hot days.

You get so much more ventilation with this kind of shirts.

Nadal knew it.
Now we have Alcaraz and Shelton.
and some other guys. Del Potro did it.

everyone else is dumb?

I mean, for me the difference is so big that I do not ever want to wear a normal shirt on a hot day.

Currently the best i could find is Nike Ultra Dry Pro shirt - or something like that. its not small-fit - its normal and you dont need to be a model to wear it. Its really great. I own 3 of them - but they cost around 40e per piece.

Its like gaining minus few degrees when I put these on. At least I feel so.

so Kudos to Alcaraz and Shelton.

om panda

I choose to wear cycling summer base layer + normal sleeve much better in wicking sweat and reduce the pain from sun directly hit your skin.

Btw, i reside in South Asia and equator belt countries. The wisdom is better to use under shirt.


I‘m using those nike yoga shirts with very short sleeves, almost sleeveless. Looks better imo, good ventilation, shoulders hidden from sun…


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Sleeveless shirts are utterly classless and actually not allowed at many clubs. They should actually be banned on the tour!


Love them. Got Rafa's from RG2008 and AO2019, two DelPo tanks from 2009, and a few others. They are awesome in hot weather